The Shattered Isles (Blades in the Dark)

The proprietors of Moonlight Salvage can get you almost anything for the right price. Set in the city of Duskwall where the ghost field keeps legions of spirits at bay, our band of scoundrels claws their way to the top of the underworld.


  • Katt Bedell as our Master of Ceremonies
  • Scott Duchesneau as Oliver Boden, ex-guard and pit fighter
  • Hannah Maguire as Zahra Dagher, resident tinkerer and Hull specialist
  • Tim Maguire as Martin O'Malley, former Skovlan scout and sharpshooter
  • Ryan Bedell as Opal Hawthorne, ops planner and scion of a ruined house
  • Kyle Bedell as Pax Adelai, arcanist and priest of the Unbroken Sun

Tales of the Canterbury (LANCER)

In the far-future, the Canterbury Cavaliers find themselves embroiled in planetary rebellions, besieged by marauders, and trapped in an ancient para-causal generation ship. Also, there are very large robots involved!


  • Ryan Bedell as our Game Master
  • Drew Hickcox as Gregory "Indigo Profit" Chaucer, the young captain of the Canterbury Cavaliers
  • Alex Ramsay as Tyko "Shogun" Webster, the Canterbury's foul-mouthed supply officer
  • Dana Letourneau as Ross "Boss" Boberts, former security guard turned Lancer
  • Kyle Bedell as Aloysius "Nomadic" Finley, ex-Harrison Armories NHP researcher

Wicked Oracle (The Sprawl)

Chicago, 2084.

After a job in Seattle goes wrong, a small team of freelance operatives moves their HQ to a run-down warehouse in the Loop district of downtown Chigaco. It’s not the nicest neighborhood in the city, but it’s quiet and the landlords don’t ask questions as long as they get their Credits on time.

But nobody stays off the corporate radar forever…


  • Kyle Bedell as our Master of Ceremonies
  • Sesha K. as Butcher, a Killer for hire hunted by operatives of The Lyfe
  • Brian M. as Eddie, a Reporter-at-large seeking vengeance for the death of his partner
  • George H. as Wrench, a Tech and the team's resident medic/drone jockey


The Mercenaries (Invisible Sun)

From left to right: Kenny Brune, Bet Tempest, Locke Vanthor, Jeremiah Johnson, and The Professor posed in front of their headquarters, the Castle of Crenelations
Six years after The War that drove the vislae in to hiding, a small group of investigators sets out to answer one question: What happened to Limerence Street? The answers to that question will take them across reality itself.

Eighteen months of adventures in Satyrine with a wild cast. The worldbuilding and characters are so good (though the actual game systems could use some work, as we would later discuss in a post-mortem)! We've done a little writing about some of our adventures (the beginning and the end).


  • Kyle Bedell as our Game Master
  • Ryan Bedell as Locke Vanthor, an up-and-coming Maker who is never seen without his plate armor
  • Scott Duchesneau as Kenny Brune, scion to the Brune family and a Weaver of some power
  • Hannah Maguire as The Professor, a shadowy Weaver who seeks to recover her stolen name
  • Katt Bedell as Bet Tempest, a Maker, ex-pirate, and daughter of renowned watchmaker Frederick Tempest
  • Tim Maguire as Jeremiah Johnson, preacher, friend to the downtrodden, and an Apostate who cast away the trappings of the visale orders

Aminia (Traveller5)

In which we learned that it was, in fact, possible to die during character creation.

Farthest Reaches (Numenera)

A quick jaunt in to Monte Cook Games' Numenera, set a billion years in the future.

Hammer Corporation (Cortex System)

An eight episode campaign featuring the world's most anachronistic spaceship, and the only tabletop game we've played where a Bureaucracy roll has successfully advanced the plot.

Death Llamas / Radiant Alpacas (D&D 4E)

Our first long-running campaign, and the most well-documented one! We ran the Death Llamas from 2008-2012 using the D&D 4E ruleset and a mix of roughly 70% "prefab" adventures/30% written from-scratch.

Our core cast:

  • Tim Maguire as Erastes Fulmen, herald of the Raven Queen
  • Hannah Thorne as Lilith Wowbagger, dragonborn warrior said to be a scion of ancient Arkhosia
  • Katt Bedell as Serafina, a goliath warden who draws her powers from the earth itself
  • Greg Hjelte as Miraun, a deva wizard reborn countless times, hounded by the Twisted Rune
  • Scott Duchesneau as Cessi, a valiant ardent whose charisma is dwarfed only by her capacity for justice
  • Ryan Bedell as Locke Vanthor, a mysterious bard who runs an adventurers-for-hire agency
  • Kyle Bedell as Pax Truecoins (aka “the understudy”)