Friends & Companions

Shout-outs to our friends, family, and companions -- check out their writings and other works!

  • Micky Bedell is a recovering photojournalist with a keen eye and a love of stories. We'll let her work speak for itself!
  • Miranda Perry is a writer and artist based in Los Angeles. She's been there since the beginning, way back in our MUD days.
  • Anthony Chodor runs Flash Cord Photography, specializing in cosplay photos at conventions around the Northeast US.
  • Don Sorcinelli has been working with and writing about mobile devices for nearly 20 years. He's one of the former Microsoft MVPs in the Mobile Devices category.
  • Elias Aoude is an interactive media designer with a knack for entrepreneurship; his production credits include the accessible audio adventure Grail to the Thief and the Steno Arcade collection of typing games.
  • Rebecca Ogle's writings span a wide range of topics, from civics to literature. Her pieces The Stars and Produce have won Editor's Choice awards in their respective publications.
  • RN claims that he's "a regular guy who has no claim to fame whatsoever" but his thoughtful, insightful writings are all great reads.