Adventures under the Indigo Sun

An update on the Irondale Irregulars' adventures in the world of Invisible Sun, plus our first campaign poster!

Adventures under the Indigo Sun

The Irregulars have played a number of pencil-and-paper games over the years, including a four year 5th Edition D&D campaign, Traveler, FATE Core, Numenera, BATTLETECH, and Cortex. Out of all of them, I think Invisible Sun has been the most compelling – its focus on character-driven narratives has made our players the center of attention. They talk with each other about their characters' relationships (unheard of!), write stories about their "off-screen" adventures with one another (wait, what?), and are the primary drivers of the main plot!

With help from Monte Cook's Directed Campaign option, our vislae have:

  • Delved in to the mystery of a street that never existed
  • Explored an unfinished train station haunted by the ghosts of commuters that never were
  • Seen a house (and everything inside of it) sprout spider legs
  • Ridden an impossibly long train to a desert town where the residents mine magical ice
  • Ventured in to ruined expanses between city districts to eliminate weapons made of hate
  • Crossed the boundries between the Suns to explore new realities
  • Founded their own mercenary group
  • Established a trade route between their headquarters and a fortress that trades in good fortune
  • And so much more!

To celebrate the 18 month mark of our campaign, we commisioned a poster from Bernadette Meeker (who is a pleasure to work with – highly recommended!):

The Mercenaries in from of their headquarters, The Castle of Crenelations, in Satyrine. From left to right: Kenny Brune, Bet Tempest, Locke Vanthor, Jeremiah Johnson, and the Professor.

Here's to future stories and adventures!