Current gear and equipment recommendations from the Irregulars! This is the kind of stuff we carry in our bags on a regular basis.

Retro Gear

Retrode 2

For Super NES fans, we like the Retrode 2! This adapter allows you to play Super NES and Sega Genesis games directly off of their original cartridges in the emulator of your choice. You can plug in original SNES and Genesis controllers as well. With a few small configuration file tweaks, you can make the cartridge's battery-backed memory writable so you can back up and restore save data. We use it when we replace batteries!

8bitdo SNES30 & Retro Receiver

If you're looking for the best replica Nintendo controllers around, 8bitdo makes the finest available. We particularly like the combination of their SNES30 controller (better that the original) and the Retro Receiver SNES, which allows you to use said controller on an original Super NES!

Everyday Carry

Anker PowerCore+ 10050

Anker makes some great portable USB battery packs, and we're particularly fond of their PowerCore+10050 with Quick Charge 3.0. It's durable, lightweight, negotiates the best charging rate with your devices, and provides enough juice to charge a modern smartphone up three or four times. The icing on the cake is its support for Qualcomm's QuickCharge protocol -- with the right phone, you can cut your charging times in half!